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Restaurants in Guia

Guia has become one of the best places to eat in the Albufeira area with a great choice of restaurants for most tastes and pockets. There is a saying in the Algarve which is ‘Tres vezes a Guia - tres bededeiras!’, which means ‘Three times to Guia three hangovers!’ So take care!! We have highlighted a few of the restaurants, cafes and bars to help you get a feel of the friendly atmosphere in Guia.

Ideal is one of our most favourite restaurants on the Algarve. It’s combination of great food, relaxed atmosphere and competitive pricing means that we know that we are always going to get a good family dinner. Ideal and Ramires are in partnership and share waiters between the restaurants.

We would always recommend Steak Ideal from the menu. The interior of the restaurant is very maintained to a high standard and is on split levels.   

Atlantico restaurant has a great reputation in the local area for fresh fish of the day.

Atlantico has a warm hospitality and friendly staff who will always serve you with a smile.

There is a great selection of steaks, fish dishes and children’s portions available.

There is a handy car park opposite the restaurant, which only cost 1 euro, with all proceeds going to the local Guia football club.  

Ideal restaurant in Guia near Albufeira Atlantico restaurant in Guia near Albufeira

Atlantico restaurant is a popular location for family meals and is situated in the centre of Guia opposite a handy car park. Atlantico has a great fish and steak menu with children’s portions available.

Ramires was the first chicken piri-piri restaurant in Guia and is popular with locals and tourists all year round.

Ideal is a great family restaurant with great food and a great family atmosphere.

Probably the most relaxed cafe bar and restaurant that you will find on the Algarve.

Sit under the palms trees, order a beer and watch the world go by!

The service is fast and friendly, but with no one rushing you to leave. There is always football being played on the TVs inside including the british games.

Light snacks, cakes and coffee are also readily available.

Guia Football Bar and Restaurant

Ramires restaurant in Guia has being serving chicken piri-piri for 30 years and in this time they have perfected their recipe. Made famous by Nandos, ‘Frango Piri Piri’ has just the right blend of chilies, jalapeno, lime juice, salt and a bay leaf. The menu at Ramires is simple - chicken piri-piri, salad and chips, beer and wine. The locals and tourists in Guia go mad for this simple, filling and friendly combination. Check out their website at

In our opinion Ramires serves the best chicken piri-piri in Portugal. The waiters all speak English and there is a great mix of locals and tourists who go here regularly.

The atmosphere is relaxing and friendly with many locals and tourists choosing to eat their food whilst chatting and watching the football on in background.

The restaurant is on many levels, so if you want to go to a quieter spot try upstairs.

Ramires restaurant in Guia near Albufeira

Sao Martinho restaurant has been another favourite of ours for the last 10 years. The Portuguese style steaks comes with an optional fried egg on top - we definitely recommend it!

There is a good selection of cakes and children’s meals all at a good price.

The restaurant is a real family run business with all the family playing their part. A family can eat here at a reasonable price and still get good quality and quantity of food.  

Sao Martinho restaurant in Guia near Albufeira

O Vieira restaurant in Guia is like a tardis. Inside the restaurant opens up into a bright, long and airy place for family meals.

The menu focuses primarily on chicken piri-piri, salad and fries. The house wine is very reasonably priced and of a good quality.

Service is always fast, friendly and efficient. Chicken, chips, salad and half a bottle of wine is about 10-12 euros per person - a bargain!

O Vieira restaurant in Guia near Albufeira


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AlFredo’s restaurant can be found on the main road into Guia from the roundabout and is popular with the locals and tourists.

Amazing bread and couverts to start provide a great appetizer for the main meal. Whilst the chicken piri-piri provides a great option, chicken with pineapple is also a fantastic meal.

There is a also a great selection of desserts, wines, beers and soft drinks for everyone’s tastes and pockets.

O Alfredo restaurant in Guia near Albufeira

Restaurant Cacarola can be found on the right hand side of the chapel as you drive into Guia.

There is a great selection of family meals, desserts and drinks.

Restaurant Cacarola in Guia near Albufeira

The O Teodosio restaurant is only 100 metres from the Chicken roundabout.

Premiership football games are always on the TV - quietly in the background.

O Teodosio has a reputation for providing the best chicken piri-piri in Portugal.

With customers travelling 200-300 kilometers just to taste the fantastic recipe.

Definitely add O Teodosio to your list of restaurants in Guia to visit whilst on your holidays.

Restaurant O Teodosio in Guia near Albufeira